CV Milano



CV Milano

Born in Milan, 21th September 1974

1993    Scientific high school diploma at the Pitagora Institute in Milan – Italy

1997    Diploma of industrial designer IED – European Institute of Design Milan – Italy

2008    Doctor of Industrial Design – Degree at Politecnico of Milan – Italy – Faculty of Architecture

2011    DIVYA ACADEMY SSD Founder – CEO – Technical Directordojo and studio: Via Orti 12 – 20122 Milan, Italy

2015    SCUOLA HAPKIDO ITALIA (Shai) Co-founder – President – National Technical Commissionerheadquarters:   Via Curtatone,21 – 20122 Milan, Italy

2017    ORIENTE TV Co-founder – Producer – Author

JU JITSU (Roles – Qualifications – Degrees)

2019    Master Coach Ju Jitsu – 7th LevelEQF – European Qualifications – European Education Through Inter Cultural Sport

2018    National Technical Commissioner WJJ Italy / style Robert Clark Ha WJJF-WJJKO / Goshindo

2018    Adviser with responsibility for communication WJJ Italy – World Ju Jitsu Italy

2018    WJJ Italy competitive sector manager for Fighting System – Duo System – Ne-Waza

2017    Sport Director WJJC – World Ju Jitsu Confederation recognized by Tafisa (IOC)

2016    Master black belt 6th Dan Wjjf-Wjjko

2016    Shihan Dai Wjjf-Wjjko

2016    Representative Shinbu-Cho Wjjf-Wjjko with Divya Academy SSD

His Ju Jitsu Masters

Matteo Luteriani Shihan black belt 8th Dan Wjjf-Wjjko | Publisher Luni Editrice Milan – Italy

Maurizio Silvestri Soke black belt 9th Dan Wjjf-Wjjko and Yamato Yoshin Ryu | Journalist

Maurizio Gavazzi Master black belt 7th Dan Nihon Kobudo Kyokai | black belt 6th Dan Judo

G. Spartaco Bertoletti 5th Shike Koden Enshin Ryu Bu Jitsu – Shike black belt 10th DanPresident Wjjf-Wjjko | Publisher Samurai Bushido Boxing Milan – Italy

HAPKIDO (Roles – Qualifications – Degrees)

2019    Hapkido style promoter in FIJLKAM Ju Jitsu sector FIJLKAM – Italian Federation of Judo Wrestling Karate Martial Arts

2018    black belt 6th Dan WAHA – World All Hapkido Association

2017    Member of WHF – The World Hapkido Federation recognized by Tafisa (IOC)

2017    Representative of Italy Russian Union of Hapkido Federations

2017    President of Italy WAHA – World All Hapkido Association

2015    Representative Italy EHU – European Hapkido Union (for one year)

2015    Master – Kwanjang – black belt 5th Dan Scuola Hapkido Italia – SHAI

2015    Co-founder – President – National Technical Commissioner SCUOLA HAPKIDO ITALIA (Shai)

2012    Co-founder – Adviser – National Technical Coordinator FIHAP – Italian Hapkido Federation

2012    Co-founder IDMMF – International Dae Myung Moo Do Federation Italy

His Hapkido Masters

Giampiero Leonardi Master black belt 7th Dan Taekwondo FITA | black belt 6th Dan Hapkido FIHAP | black belt 5th Dan Judo

Jae Ho Park Gran Master black belt 9th Dan Hapkido, Taekwondo, Judo IDMMF – USA

Sukru Kinatas Gran Master black belt 9th Dan Hapkido | President WAHA – World All Hapkido Association

Writer and author






Samurai Bushido Pugilato

Pagine Zen

Budo International

La Repubblica – Tutto Milano

Corriere della Sera – Vivi Milano



2019    Knight of sport – National Order of the Knight of Sport Genoa – Italy

2002    Ordinary Member of ADI – Association for Industrial Design Milan – Italy

1999    New trends in world design 300 – Young Designers in 1999

1994    Rotaract Club West Milan – Italy (for seven years)

Different training and skills (Roles – Qualifications)

2017    ASC – Coni Sports manager

2017    Adviser ASC – Coni Lombardy Region

2015    BLSD lay operator Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation and early defibrillator

2012    Teacher in a Ju Jitsu course CAPAC – Politecnico of Commerce, Milan – Italy

2010    Teacher in an extra-curricular course of Personal Defence ITC KING Muggiò (MB) – Italy

2008    Social educator in Ju Jitsu educational standard JITAKYOEI

UNI EN ISO 9001 – Italian Quality Certification Institute

2005    Basic technical instructor, at the CNS Libertas – Coni

2002    Product, Process, Responsibility and Industrial Safety Technical Regulations License Politecnico of Milan – Italy Faculty of Architecture

2000    1st Level Reiki – Usui Shiki Ryoho System – Dojo Spartacus Milan – Italy

2000    Founder LODE Design Milan – Italy for industrial design, graphics and modeling

1999    Teacher of modeling (for three years) IED – European Institute of Design Milan – Italy

1997    Acquisition and registration in the REC – Register of traders for the product sectors: Food and Administration (AS) CAPAC – Politecnico of Commerce Milan – Italy

Sports and martial arts practiced

2004    Yachting  Nautical license (motorized within 12 miles) Angera, Varese – Italy

1996    Sailing  Caprera Sailing Center, Sassari Sardinia – Italy

1995/98 Boxe Doria Gym Milan – Italy

1986/88 Basket Tumminelli Romana Basket Milan – Italy

1988    Ju Jitsu Dojo Spartacus Milan, and since 2008 Divya Academy Milan – Italy

1998    Hapkido Dae Myung Academy Rome, and since 2008 Divya Academy Milan – Italy

1984    Ski 5th Level – Pre agonist FISI | Ski School Montecampione, Brescia – Italy

1980    Swimming 5th Level – Pre Agonist FIN | Alpiaz-Montecampione, Brescia – Italy