Dr. Höglund




Sport CV from Dr. Paul G Höglund

Here below follows a short description of National and International honorary positions and experiences within the field of sport and related activities:

1965 – 90   Club leader, trainer and instructor of karate. Founder of the karate club Budokwai

1969        Founder of Swedish Budo Federation (SBF)

1969 – 72   General Secretary of SBF Karatesection

1972 – 85   President of SBF Karatesection

1985 – 86   Vice president of Swedish Budo Federation

1987        Decorated with the highest Swedish medal for activities in sport, given by the Swedish Sports Confederation President Prince Bertil of Sweden

1991 – 94   President of SBF Karatesection

1994 – 00   President of Swedish Budo Federation, the official, government funded Swedish Sport federation for the Martial Arts

1973 – 86   General Secretary of European Karate Union (EKU )

1970        Founder of the world federation for karate, Word Union of Karatedo Organisations (WUKO), now name changed to World Karate Federation (WKF), member of GAISF and ac
sport on the Olympic Programme for Tokyo 2020 ,member of SportAccord and IWGA (International World Games Association), recognized by IOC

1975 – 90  Assistant General Secretary of WUKO

1992 – 94  Assistant General Secretary of WUKO

1980       Founder of European Kung Fu Union (later wushu)

1980 – 83  President of European Kung Fu Union (later wushu)

1975       Founder of European Ju Jitsu Federation (EJJF) and International Ju Jitsu Federation, later name changed to Ju Jitsu International Federation (on the request from GAISF

(JJIF), member of GAISF and IWGA, but not yet recognized by IOC

1975 – 01  Treasurer of both IJJF (JJIF) and EJJIF (JJEU)

2001 – 03  Treasurer of IJJF and JJIF

1976 —    Delegate for WUKO (WKF) (karate) and JJIF (jujitsu) to GAISF (General Association of  International Sports Federations), now SportAccord, i.e. for 32 years (in 2008)

1980       Founder of International World Games Association (IWGA)

1981       Organizer and responsible for the first World Games karate competition at Santa Clara California, USA

1981 —    Participated in leading functions to all World Games, 1981 Santa Clara, 1985 London1989 Karlsruhe, 1993 Den Haag, 1997 Lahtis, 2001 Akita, 2005 Duisburg

1993 – 00  Financial Examiner (auditor) of IWGA

1998 – 02  Member of the Executive Committee of European Wushu Federation (EWF)

1999 – 03  Member of the Executive Committee of International Wushu Federation (IWUF)

2003 – 08  President of Ju Jitsu International Federation (JJIF)

2007 – 09  GAISF (General Association of International Sports Federations) and SportAccord Council Member

2009 —    Honorary President of AJJBWF (Asian Jujitsu Belt Wrestling Federation)

2009       Especially invited guest to Grand Opening of OCA (Olympic Council of Asia) Head Quarters and OCA 1st Sport Congress, Kuwai

2010 —    President of MAIF (Martial Arts International Federation)

2011       Founder of World Judo Federation (WJF), member of TAFISA (The Association for International Sports for All) at Niteroi (Rio de Janeiro), Brazil

2011–     First Vice President and President for Europe of World Judo Federation – Judo for All

2013       Founder of World Jiu Jitsu Confederation (WJJC) – Jujitsu for All at Casteggio, Pavia, Italy

2013 —    President of World Jiu Jitsu Confederation (WJJC)

2014 —    Vice President of UPKL a.i.s.b. for promoting European Sports Educators together with the European Union and European Commission

1976 – 18 Participated as delegate to GAISF/SportAccord Convention for 42 years

2015 – 17 Especially invited guest to the IMGC Torch Lightning Ceremony at Pyongyang, DPR Korea

2015 –     Vice President of IMGC (International Martial Arts Games Committee)

2019       Member of Organizing Committee for the IMG at Carrara 30 Oct-3 Nov 2019

Other activities, which could be mentioned, are: In earlier times I have been team leader for the national Swedish karate team and also during long periods handled the international relations and negotiations for WUKO and WKF with the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and other competing international karate organisations such as ITKF. I have also had positions within the earlier GAISF activities, such as the press and media committee. I have participated to the IOC course in “Olympism” at Olympia, Greece and various international scientific sport symposia and conferences, such as “Sport and International Understanding” at Helsinki, Finland. In my sport engagements, as well as in my professional life, I have had the possibilities in visiting 128 countries in the world, and some countries very frequently (e.g. 51 times to Japan).