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7th CSIT World Sports Games 2021 postponed to 12 to 17 October


In its meeting on 26 March, the CSIT Executive Committee made an important and responsible decision due to the still ongoing Corona pandemic. The 7th CSIT World Sports Games 2021, which were to be held in Cervia, Italy, beginning of June, have been postponed to 12 to 17 October 2021. Due to the still very tense Corona situation, this decision was imperative. CSIT President Bruno Molea met with the mayor of the host city of Cervia on Monday and agreed on the new date.


“We had to make this decision to allow athletes, sports professionals and accompanying persons from all over the world to participate in the World Sports Games,” explained CSIT President Bruno Molea. “Keeping the original date in the first week of June would have jeopardised the participation of many non-European athletes, as current Italian Covid-19 protocols require all non-Europeans to be quarantined upon arrival in Italy. Therefore, we decided to postpone the date of the event to give everyone the opportunity to actually return to the sport after the pandemic.”


The CSIT ExCom analysed the current status quo very carefully and concluded that under the current circumstances, the deteriorating situation and considering the health of the WSG participants, it would be irresponsible to hold WSG2021 in two months. The decision was not easy, but the only logical one given the current circumstances. CSIT also immediately informed its partners about the far-reaching decision and received positive feedback throughout. Some partners already reacted very positively and also assured CSIT of their participation in October. The CSIT Office is always available to answer questions and wishes all members and partners all the best and above all good health. All information on the further procedure regarding the staging of the 7th CSIT World Sports Games 2021 will of course be published




Games Cancellation Insurance


CSIT is aware of its responsibility towards participants and partners in this extraordinary situation of the Corona Pandemic. Following the necessary postponement of the Games, ExCom has decided to provide cover for all participants and partners in the form of a cancellation insurance. A specially tailored travel cancellation insurance in connection with the planned CSIT WSG2021 in Italy. Specifically, there are two different types of Covid-19 insurance. Firstly, insurance cover due to cancellations in the run-up to the Games (without reimbursement of flight costs), from the purchase of the WSG package to the day of departure for WSG2021. Secondly, insurance cover for cancellations during the Games. An insurance policy tailored for a positive Covid-19 test result during WSG2021. Both cancellation insurance policies are very affordable and can be taken out until the registration deadline. An announcement to this effect has already been made in CSIT’s WSG invitation. Details of the insurance cover can be found on the WSG2021 website or on the online registration platform. Further enquiries can also be made by email to the WSG2021 organising committee EMILIOC



CSIT WSG Partner: FICS – Health Workers with Golden Hands


The International Federation of Sports Chiropractic FICS has already been a very strong partner of CSIT since the CSIT WSG 2015 in Lignano. Strong and reliable and very popular with the participants of the CSIT World Sports Games. At the 7th CSIT World Sports Games from 12 to 17 October 2021 in Cervia, the “White Angels” will be present for the fourth time and this time they will also have specialists for Paralympic Sports, which will be a fixed program item at the CSIT WSG for the first time. FICS is an international organization that promotes sports chiropractic around the world. The more than 3000 self-employed chiropractors of FICS work voluntarily for many events like the CSIT WSG worldwide. Besides their sporting idealism, they see these jobs as the perfect advertisement for their profession, which is becoming increasingly important. Dr. Tim Ray from the USA is the head of the whole team in their white shirts, which will be seen at almost all venues of the WSG 2021.




CSIT WSG Partner: WMF – World Minigolf Federation 


WMF is a long-standing and reliable CSIT partner also for the 7th CSIT World Sports Games in Emilia Romagna (Italy), which have been postponed from the beginning of June to 12 to 17 October 2021 due to the current Corona situation. WMF was officially founded in 1980 and is the only umbrella organization of minigolf associations worldwide with continental associations on all five continents. The World Minigolf Sport Federation is also a member of GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federations) and AIMS (Alliance of Independent Recognized Members of Sport), which represents 64 national federations as members and more than 40,000 registered players worldwide. The members of the WMF organize over 1,500 tournaments every year worldwide. World Championships, World Youth Championships, World Championships for the Deaf, Continental Championships for the Youth and General Class every two years and every year the World Adventure Golf Masters. At the CSIT World Sports Games 2021 in Emilia Romagna (Italy) the WMF will organize tournaments in Speed Minigolf as a new spectacular and media-friendly format in three speed disciplines. All athletes from the various other participating federations are of course invited to participate in a special promotion event.