organisational structure

Organisational structure of the new federation WJJ – Jiu Jitsu for All

The WJJ should consist of the following type of members, very similar to the TAFISA membership structure.

1. National core members. National jujitsu and similar martial arts federations, associations, groups etc with one vote per accepted body. There could be more than one national core member from each country as accepted member of the WJJ.

2. International members without voting rights such as already established serious jujitsu and Martial Arts organisations. If such an international body has an association/club etc within a country, this body then will have voting right (as described above), not the international body.

3. Supporting members such as clubs, individuals etc without voting rights.

The WJJ should try to be associated to international multisport organisations working for Sport for All and for the development of human health for the general population, such as TAFISA, UNESCO, FISPT, CSIT etc. The main aim for WJJ is not the elite sport level but to be an international confederation for all jujitsu and similar Martial Arts all over the globe. The WJJ has no intention of competing with any established international sport federation for the elite.