word of welcome from the general secretary

Welcome to our WJJC Family!
It is an honor and pleasure to fulfill the role of General Secretary in this serious organization.
WJJC has a competent and devoted board with our President Dr. Paul G Hoglund, Vice
President Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti, Treasurer Dr. Gianfranco Camerini and Sports
Director Lorenzo Milano. It is a real honor and pleasure to work with all of them.
My thanks also go to my colleague Assistant General Secretary Rolf Coolen, the builder and
designer of our website. Many thanks go to him for his valuable work.
The WJJC is an organization of action, and we want to develop it together with you. Once
this disastrous COVID 19 pandemic for all sports activities is over, we will meet again with
each other with love for our sport. In harmony and friendship with all our members and jujitsu
practitioners we will together continue to enhance and develop our jujitsu sport as well as our
own talents and social contacts.
I would also like to wish you all and your families a Merry Christmas and a healthy and
Happy New Year. Stay healthy, and for those of you who have experienced problems with
the COVID 19 pandemic, I hope you keep strong. I wish you a soon improvement, and that
you recover well.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 2020
Good luck and I hope to meet you soon!
Dirk Klok