word of welcome from the president

Dear Founders, Members and all others interested,

It is with a great pleasure I now can see the new WJJC web page being a reality! After many years of preparation we now have reached our goal to increase the public exposure of our Confederation. The WJJC expresses its gratitude for the technical help from our Assistant General Secretary Rolf Coolen in building the web site. The WJJC now can increase the general knowledge of our activities and also our visions and mission.

A web page is an important tool for an organization for both the internal and external communication between all parts involved in the leadership. What are even more important are the possibilities for the organization to reach out to its members and the general public. In the digital era we now live in, it is almost a prerequisite to have a well functioning web page for being able to develop in a world of high competition and media exposure.

The WJJC believes, according to our WJJC vision, that it could have an important role within the international Sports and Martial Arts community. Therefore the WJJC – Jujitsu for All, will enhance the future development of jujitsu and similar serious Martial Arts in line with the Sport for All movement, as well as the Peace and Sport movement, as a wanted and needed alternative to the focus on elite athlete sport achievements. But it should be an alternative with maintaining both physical and technical ability and encompassing the element of ethics within the personal human development as well as the mental and moral development.

I finally hope that this new WJJC web page will satisfy the reader’s expectations and give the stimulation for following us also in the future!

Stockholm, Sweden, in December 2020

With my greetings and best regards!

Dr. Paul G Hoglund