word of welcome from the sport director

The WJJC – World Jiu Jitsu Confederation, “Jiu Jitsu for All”, is also since its foundation an international supporter and custodian of all styles of Jiu Jitsu and their serious practitioners. WJJC also helps with the recognition of high degrees and special qualifications for all serious and accredited world Federations. WJJC gives an authoritative assurance for many Jiu Jitsu masters, who have spent years of developing and researching the “soft art.

The long career of its experienced founders, with the help from the scientific contribution of new farsighted and well informed collaborators, are building the way for future. This means also an effective and strong collaboration with the main world Federations for Jiu Jitsu and serious Martial Arts. In this way the WJJC can contribute to the growth and stimulating and shared development of traditional as well as sport Jiu Jitsu worldwide.

We are aware of the time vacuum that Covid-19 left in 2020, but we want to be the leaders of a new start of Jiu Jitsu training and launching new events from 2021, after a disastrous year and world crisis. On the ashes of 2020 we will build new more ambitious and important projects for world Jiu Jitsu.

With the creation of the new site, we make everyone aware of our mission, our skills and also our potential, thus inviting all the accredited Federations in the various Jiu Jitsu sports sectors to future collaboration.

Best regards!
Dr. Lorenzo Milano