word of welcome from the treasurer

Good morning everyone,

As founder of the WJJ Confederation and first secretary, now treasurer, with Dr. Paul Hoglund and Dr. Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti, I don’t have much to say, also because in a big and serious organization words don’t count, but facts and achievements count.

Our idea, especially of Paul and Spartaco was, and still is, to create a large (umbrella) platform, where to group all the styles of Ju Jitsu without prejudice and envy, not disdaining everything that revolves around it, from Personal Defense and more.

I thank Paul and Spartaco for giving me the opportunity to work with them, the last greats of a great world, the world of Ju Jitstu and Martial Arts.

Not being a great speaker and much less a writer, I wish everyone a “Good Job”!

Dr. Gianfranco Camerini